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Tim Kleppick’s Main Line Recovery Solutions(MLR) is a full-service collection agency and accounts receivable management firm owner from Pennsylvania. Kleppick founded Main Line Recovery Solutions(MLR) Inc. in 2010 following more than three decades spent working in the field. In 2022, Kleppick and Main Line Recovery Solutions(MLR) Inc. successfully acquired Collection Recovery Services, a national debt recovery services provider.

Born in Houston, Texas, entrepreneur Kleppick grew up in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He studied at the local Malvern Preparatory School and later graduated from nearby Shippensburg University. The Shippensburg University graduate is a talented sportsman, playing sports competitively throughout his high school and university years.

Although a Texas native, Kleppick has called Pennsylvania home for most of his life. He remains happily settled in the famous Keystone State today, still living in picturesque Chester County. Away from his work, he enjoys numerous hobbies and interests, including golf, running, and tennis.

Academic History

Malvern Preparatory School

Kleppick is a former Malvern Preparatory School student. He completed his high school studies at the independent Catholic college preparatory, widely referred to as Malvern Prep. The school sits in the Chester County borough of Malvern, Pennsylvania. The borough forms part of the Roman Catholic Metropolitan Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

While studying at Malvern Prep, Kleppick enjoyed four years of varsity soccer. Listed on the All-City team for the City of Philadelphia, he played in the Inter-Academic Soccer League and was listed on the All-InterAc team his 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.

Kleppick also made a lasting impression as a basketball player at Malvern Prep. During his senior year, he received the Unsung Hero award from the prestigious Markward Basketball Club of Philadelphia.

Shippensburg University

After graduating from Malvern Preparatory School, Kleppick headed 150 miles west to Shippensburg University. Shippensburg University is a renowned public university in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1871, Shippensburg University forms part of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

While studying at Shippensburg University, Kleppick continued honing his skills as a sportsman. He played soccer throughout his studies at the Cumberland County institution. He also served as a member of a well-known national fraternity. He held several vital positions as a fraternity member, including controller and vice president.

Elsewhere, Kleppick was elected to represent the university's senior class of 1989 as its student senator. It is from Shippensburg University that he holds his bachelor's degree in business administration and marketing.

Current Roles & Duties

MLR Solutions Inc.

Tim Kleppick owns and founded MLR Solutions Inc. in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. MLR Solutions Inc. serves various educational, medical, and commercial clients. Its offices are in Glen Mills, approximately 25 miles west of downtown Philadelphia.

MLR Solutions Inc. is a full-service collection agency and accounts receivable management firm. The agency couples advanced technology with empathetic debtor touchpoint management. It strives to generate increased revenue for clients while maintaining high satisfaction levels among clients' customers.

The Delaware County-based business is committed to earning and building trust, demonstrating professional integrity, and delivering a nimble and responsive service. The company is fully bonded, licensed, and insured. It is also a part of ACA International, the global association of credit and collection professionals.

Kleppick established MLR Solutions Inc. in 2010. As the firm's owner and founder, he oversees all facets of the business. He also brings his decades of hands-on experience, extensive practical knowledge, and strategic insight to operations at the firm.

Collection Recovery Services

Kleppick presides over operations at Collection Recovery Services. Like MLR Solutions Inc., Collection Recovery Services has its headquarters in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. Kleppick simultaneously serves as the firm's President and Director of Client Relations.

Collection Recovery Services is a national debt recovery services provider. As such, it recovers a plethora of delinquent receivables for clients nationwide. While Collection Recovery Services is dedicated to higher education, the MLR division handles medical & commercial organizations. It also serves an ever-growing range of credit unions.

The Glen Mills-based business has built a strong reputation for its ability to provide outstanding collection services. Services Kleppick and his team offer include skip tracing, early-out/pre-collections programs, and traditional collections.

MLR Solutions Inc. successfully acquired Collection Recovery Services in 2022. The process of merging MLR Solutions Inc. and Collection Recovery Services was completed in April of 2023.

Professional Expertise

Kleppick has successfully served more than 1,000 clients during his decades in the accounts receivable management and collection industries. Even very early in his career, he was consistently a top salesperson in the company he started with, that grew to be the largest provider for accounts receivable management in the United States. During his 11 years, he was consistently a top salesman, being one of the main contributors to the company’s incredible growth.

In the following 30-plus years, he has amassed an impressive roster of professional skills and abilities. Among these skills and abilities are business development, operations management, and process improvement. Altogether, it is a roster of skills, abilities, and areas of expertise that includes the following:

  • Business development
  • Skip tracing
  • Data analytics
  • Customer service
  • Marketing strategy
  • Negotiation
  • Operations management
  • Process improvement
  • Sales management
  • Social media marketing
  • Team building
  • Vendor management

Kleppick is also a part of the Philadelphia Networking Group. Philadelphia Networking Group connects the countless businesses, organizations, and workforces that call the city home. The group allows them to interact, share ideas, and discuss trends within the workplaces of Philadelphia and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania.

Personal Life

Tim Kleppick was born in Houston, Texas. He moved with his family as a young boy to Pennsylvania, growing up in West Whiteland Township in Chester County. He spent much of his childhood in Exton, home of the Chester County Library System. Exton's library holds a National Association of Counties Award for its much-celebrated and pioneering literacy program.

Outside his work, keen sportsman Kleppick enjoys numerous hobbies and other interests. His longest-standing hobbies and interests are golf, running, shooting pool, tennis, and reading biographies. The MLR Solutions Inc. founder is highly active, running an average of 15-20 miles weekly in addition to being an avid golfer.

Meanwhile, Kleppick enjoys relaxing by watching the television sitcoms Curb Your Enthusiasm and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, documentaries, & the History Channel. Raised in Chester County, Philadelphia, the Texas-born entrepreneur remains happily settled in the Keystone State today. He lives in the Chester County borough of Malvern with his fiancé, Jane.


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